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INSA and the Interactive street-art

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Interactive graffiti? Those words may surprise you.
Indeed, how is it possible to animate a wall painting?

INSA à Paris

INSA is a British street-art artist. According to him, both Jeff Koons and the German photograph Hans Bellmer are those who have influenced him the most on his work.

Redchurch Street, London

His Playground?
He started to paint on London’s walls before he has travelled all around the World to get his works some visibility. Thus, he has gained reputation and popularity.

His specificity?
He makes his wall paintings alive with a process of frame photography. It is a kind of a mixture between graffiti and animated GIF. It is a huge amount of work because he has to work on the same wall over and over to create an animation of the piece. Moreover, because he wants the colors to be identical on each photo for more coherence, he has to be very precise and organized.


His animated paintings! insagif-4

His Issue…
Once his GIF created and published on the Internet, the wall painting returns to its classical form: passive.

How to solve this problem?
GIF-ITI an app which is available and free on the Appstore allows the one who is using it to scan any INSA’s mural painting. It means that once you will arrive in front of one of them, you will just have to use the app to « photograph » the piece… enjoy the result!


You do not have the chance to travel to places like Rio of Janeiro, London, Paris, Miami or another city where INSA printed his mark? Not a big deal, it does not mean you cannot enjoy his work.

INSA has got everything planned… You just have to:
• Go on his website
• Open the app GIF-ITI
• Film the screen of your computer with your phone to see the mural paintings turn to life!

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Passionate about drawing since childhood, I'm into numeric art school in Paris to discover the world and its great cultures! For my master degree, I have chosen to explore the interactive design to understand users' comportement that interact with 'another entity' which can be translated by a masterpiece, a machine or another user.

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