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Ecology can create interactive design

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One Heart One Tree is an experimental work created by the Electronic Shadow collective, which is composed with Naziha Mestaoui and her mate Yacine Aït Kaci.
It is planned on the end of November, during the COP21 in Paris.

This project started on Kickstarteron May, 26th 2015 and it was supported by more than 900 people through the World (€60 000 collected -around $65.000). The main artistic goal of this project is to make a tree virtually growing up on the Eiffel tower. Its rate of growth will be copied on each user’s heartbeat. Each virtual tree will also be seeded for real in one of the seven projects of reforestation on the planet.

According to the collective, « When it (the Eiffel tower) was built, it was the highest monument of the city, so it was used as a telecommunication tower, linking Paris to the rest of the World. Today, it will one more time be the bridge between Paris and the World bringing everyone’s attention on this capital cause. Each virtually created tree will have a real impact as a unique and nominative one will be generated at the same time. »
source : Electronic Shadow


How to participate?
For a sum of money from €3 to €10 depending on the species – around $3,5 and $12 – one or more tree will be plant. Thus, each buyer will receive an official certificate and will have the possibility to follow his own tree’s evolution anywhere in the World with Google Earth. Each program will be online for 3 years and will be updated every 6 months.

When one will buy a tree on the application on Iphone, Android an Windows Phone, a virtual tree will appear on the Eiffel tower with the name of your choice.
Moving to the Champs de Mars will offer the possibility to interact with the monument to observe the tree growing up on it.
If you cannot come to Paris to see the projection, no worry! The Eiffel tower will be filmed in real time so you will be able to see it directly on the application.


How does it work?
Once the tree is bought on the app, « you have to put you finger on the screen of your smartphone so your heartbeat is to be recorded and sent to a database. Thus, you will see your 3D tree growing. »
Your heartbeat is generated with the camera of the phone. The application uses an algorithm to analyze micro color changes related to blood flow of the finger. Then, with our name and information concerning the actual shaft , a virtual 3D tree is generated and projected onto the Eiffel Tower for a period of 8 to 45 seconds.


Where will be the trees seeded?
There will be 7 areas of reforestation over the 5 continents:
in Amazonia, Brazil, Senegal, India, Kenya and in special agricultural systems of France and Australia.

Why is it important to act and participate?
Thanks to #1Heart1Tree, ecology is to mix with interactive art: art that has begun to create its own specificity due to its dynamic interaction between public and its environment.
Using Eiffel tower, Parisian symbol known everywhere in the world, is a way for people who are not necessarily focused on ecology to discover it through culture.


How to follow the project?
You can get informations on this website or follow 1Heart1Tree on Twitter.

AND you can watch the presentation video:

1 Heart 1 Tree sur soutenez-nous from Naziha Mestaoui on Vimeo.

source :

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