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Sharing a table with Hungry Music

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In this article, we are to give you a special experience linking visual and musical. Interactive design gifs that generate a graphic depending on musical notes are integrated to draw upon your senses while you are reading. Thus, to fully appreciate the content, we advise you to use headphones and read it in full screen.

Hungry Music is a French independent label founded in 2014 by three artists doing electronic music: N’to, Worakls and Joachim Pastor. Building this label, they have got away from constrained that can impose biggest majors. 100% of the revenue generated by the label are reinvested directly into it. Therefore, visual, video editing, or masterings are made directly within the infrastructure. In addition, the label imposes itself a specify that means a lot: it does not have any budget dedicated to promotion. It have not prevented Hungry Music from being recently nominated as the best French independent label, whereas Joachim Pastor is in completion for the best revelation and Worakls for the artist that offers the best live performance.
Joachim Pastor

To start the article, here is Bosnian of N’to:

Today, no EP or album have been released. Indeed, the three DJs focus on live gigs. They describe them as a real reward when the studio job is done. It is on stage that a real interaction occurs between the public and the musicians, that’s when they can confront their tracks to the audience’s direct reactions. Similarly, they can use their various influences to compose hybrid formations, being accompanied by other musicians, for example.

Even if they have played on the main French musical events (Rock en Seine, l’Olympia, Le Bataclan etc.), the hexagonal country is no more big enough for them. Amsterdam, Montreal and its Piknic Electronik, Montreux Jazz Festival, the huge Dour festival… the World is opening its doors and ears to Hungry Music’s DJs.

We had the chance to have a phone conversation with N’to so we asked him our questions. Let’s enjoy it.

Hungry Music

To go on, we want you to listen to Worakls’ Elea:

1 To start, what can you tell me about the Hungry Music label? How was it formed?
N’to: We had the idea to create a label with Kevin (Worakls), because at the time we did not find good places where we could release our music. We were not necessarily in tune with the times. On his side, Joachim (Pastor) wanted to create something. For its part, Joachim (Pastor) had at the same time want to climb something. So, we founded Hungry Music in 2014.

2 Why the name Hungry Music?
N’to: Because we are fed with music!

3 What are the difficulties that you have faced as independent label? People can easily think that it is the best situation in term of creativity, but they do not necessarily focus on potential difficulties.
N’to: There is one hard thing: it requires way more work than just being an artist composing in a studio. Other people must interested you, you have to work with different guys because you cannot do everything on your own. Otherwise, there is no constraint! Depending on what the label focuses on, it could be more difficulties though. However, we do no have any specific objective, so we are not waiting after broadcast released or visibility.
We just pay the cost of our night hours when we work behind our computer! That is only fun! We simply want to produce music that we like!

4 If you had to pick a partner for a B2B one day, who would it be?
N’to: I would do as usual : a B2B2B with Hungry Music! We are all doing only live performances. So we would keep your recipe and we would play on each other’s songs.
Joachim can play guitar on a Kevin’s track, Kevin can play one mine etc. And that is the best for what I do. It offers to us the possibly to have fun together and to find new possibilities. Sometimes, I also try to have some other musicians on my side during my live shows.

During Rock en Seine I was with Loris, a friend of mine that is from Marseille and who plays drums and vibraphone marimba. I found him on a video where he does a cover of my track. I am a fan! It has been a while that I wanted to give some evolution to my performances. I want to offer something different that only one guy behind his computer. We are to do a tour together in 2016 in many places. When we are touring, like a band, we share special experiences.

Moreover, he can play exactly the same melodies that I wrote, adding in the same time an organic feeling, a human science, that leads to a great atmosphere. It also gives to the public an easier process of identification to the music, so they can appreciate it even more. It is possible to realize that electronic music can be played with a real person with an instrument.

Little break, let’s finish with Joachim Pastor’s Taïga:

5 Would you be interested in extending Hungry Music to create a full band?
N’to: At the beginning, our project is managed to release our own music. It happens that we produce a classical track, then a pop one, and sometimes rock or hip-hop tracks. We have no limits. So, we do not necessarily want to enlarge the label because we do not want to be put in boxes. We will see if we meet the right person, but at the moment it is not at all in our priorities.

6 You have unlimited possibilities!
N’to: Yeah! Everyone has a lot of ideas: Kevin wants to create music for movies, I would like to produce other artists by myself, Joachim’s too. Every one of us has different qualities that allow us to do whatever we want. We want to break the barriers!

7 Do you produce your tracks? Because you told me that you are only life performers, but you must necessarily spend some time in a studio. Are you already influenced by the live performance with real instruments when you create a song?
N’to: I do, but everything that I create is not always meant to be performed on stage. On the contrary, some of are tracks are not officially released but I play them during my lives. So, once again, we do not have any rule.
The most important thing in my processing of creation is to do something that I love. It happens that I produce a melody of guitar, for example, on my software and then ask Kevin to play it for me. The main idea is to give real musicians our melodies so they can add the tone of an organic instrument.
Despite all that, we still need to use a full numeric gear on tracks. Our mood can really influence the way we process. It is important that our diversity remains, but also that people can recognize ourself in our productions.

8 Do you interact between each other when you produce?
N’to: Not at all! We wait until we have finished a track before we share it. It happens that one of us has something to say about a type of sound or a detail, but every time we all agree to say that it is a good quality production. That is what matters. As long as our tracks are well produced and balanced, without any technical problems, we release them.

9 You just performed at the Dock des Suds, Marseille, on October 31st and another important performance is to be at the Olympia, Paris, on January 15th. Can you tell us more about Hungry Music current tour?
N’to: The Olympia will be very special to us. It will celebrate the second anniversary of the label, and it will be Kevin and Joachim’s come backs to Paris. It is the final part of our 2015 tour. And we could not find any place better than the Olympia for that. On stage, there will be drums, Kevin’s father on guitar, three violions etc. It is a one-day creation at the moment, but it is possible that we keep on doing this.

10 Do you have any physical format releases on the way? A record format may be?
N’to: We will plan this when you will have full EP ready (laughing)! But yeah, we might have albums with Hungry Music in 2016. Right now everyone does his own music, but we will probably do something with all of that. We are thinking about releasing records once a year, with a beautiful packaging.

11 One final word?
N’to: Simply peace and love.

Hungry Music

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