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Do It Like Rogé #1

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To start this new year on the right path, we offer you a short playlist to give your ears a travel. As my first good resolution, I will do this exercise each month, so you will have an idea of the musical universes that touch me. I do not want to share here the last hits, neither the most listened Soundcloud music (simply because I do not know how to do this!). I am more into trying to dig out tracks to give them a new youth. Hoping that you will not already know about them!

The Temptations – I Can’t Get Next To You ;
Puzzle People (1969)

This record only needed a few seconds once plugged on the turnable to get all my intention. In a record shop of Brussels’ main square, this Motown band shaded of funk and soul did made me feel so good. Impossible to leave without it, impossible not to share this 60’s gold nugget. I highly recommend to listen the full album, which is full of treasures.

John Lee Hooker – The Right Time ;
American Folk Blues Festival (1962)

Typically the type of track that is able to make me sit at the top of the bed during the whole night, with the headset on and the cracking saphir on the 33 rpm. With a soulful slow, John Lee’ voice is followed by the great T-Bone Walker on the piano (while he is more famous as a guitar player), giving the devil notes. Because it is the American Folk Blues Festival, Willie Dixon came to play the bass. A track that really make people want to sell their soul to the devil.

Manju Ka Tilla – Ghelyoon (2015)

The most oriental of the Parisian shaman brings your ears to a rhythmic full of the Teheran’s hookah bars. If you want to discover him on stage, Manju Ka Tilla will be at the Bellevilloise (Paris) in February, and a first album is to be released soon. A sonic journey throughout original instruments, that are mastered by a real artist.

Neil Young – Dead Man Theme (1995)

A livid Johnny Depp, his meeting with an exiled Native American, bounty hunters, a western atmosphere in black and white, Colt revolvers, but also the soundtrack composed and performed by Neil Young. Between folk, rock, psychedelic and country, it enriches the movie with blows of incessant thunder. Travel in the great outdoors, epic guitar, totem and enchanted smoke : everything is there.

Criolo – Grajauex ; Nó Na Orelha (2011)

Because I am in a Brazilian Mood, I can not help but share with you this rap straight out of San Paulo’s sun. The flow takes me, and it brings an almost happy sounding hip-hop. In some ways, it might look like Ancient Astronauts’ old production. The whole album is a pleasure, with Criolo alternating between bossa nova, funk, hip hop or rock. Joga Bonito.

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Born during the 90’s, I have grown up surrounded by music. Student in music production, guitar player and amateur of vintage sound, I want to share with my articles my passion for this universe full of notes, feelings and warmth. If Blues, Rock’N’Roll and Hip Hop are my favorites, I keep being curious about various current trends.

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