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What if 2016’s discovery is actually a mixtape released in 2013 ? Listening to Rejovich for the first time three years late is a kind of a big deal for someone who is a hip hop fan. What a punch ! With a duration of sixteen minutes, five tracks and a visual where KKK and a black woman are hugging, Rejjie Snow impresses with his dark and lazy flow.

Nevertheless, when Loveleen starts, it is the smoke of a calumet that invade the ears. Slow tempo, felted voice. Alex Anyaegbuman decided to start with some jazz. Nas brought him to hip hop, and it is natural to feel the influence of the master on the boy from Dublin. Few piano chords later, one is drained by the MC’s class, hood on the head and shirt closed up to the neck.

« Born in 93, one double nine three »

180° turn with Snow (My Rap Song). The instrumentale part shreds the senses, Rejjie is mad like he never was and shoots everything that moves. Heading up to the basement : switching to Tyler, The Creator, eating roaches like in Yonkers, burst by the feeling of claustrophobia that runs through the veins like venom. Not even surprising when we know that the Irish got friends with Odd Future’s wolves. This track is like a bomb in the middle of the mixtape’s groovy content.

USSR is more of the melancolia type. More aerial, colder, we get back to the typical weightlessness of Rejjie’s flow. Playing on the Illuminati’s square, Jesse James makes his bars without any difficulty. Probably not the best track of the mixtape, USSR brings the pressure down and prepare ourselves to the next two amazing tracks. Because Rejovich takes another dimension once the 9 minutes laps is crossed.

1992 is a reference. Cigare between the lips, leather sofa, panther armchair, gold and Hennessy in the hand. Snow raps his poesy in a lazy groove. The instrumental part hypnotises and one gets charmed by its seduction circle. By the way, Loyle Carner shows how good it is on his bars. 1992 is the californian heat riding in a low-rider, it is daddy drinking his cocktail while he is in Miami, it is the green leave burning, it is Rejjie becoming Snow.

« Back in ’92, Dr. Dre came / The Chronic in my room, daddy would play »

Olga (1984), my love. You ends with beauty and grace the dark dance Rejjie started. The intro is insane, full of big booties and curvy brasses. A short scratch, a break and we rush into the heat of the sex and the crazyness of the drugs. The rapper tears a story full of rimes.A subdued atmosphere smelling like Guinness, melancholy of Irish pubs sweating beer, soul choruses, it’s a subtle blend from Rejjie Snow and it is clear that Olga (1984) is the best song of the mixtape.

First mixtape of the Irish artist, Rejovich ends after only a big quarter of hour. Enough time to spreads all Rejjie Snow’s talent. Even if it is easy to compare his flow to other rappers’, Rejjie is a new type. One of a passionate meeting between Europe and Uncle Sam, between peninsula and jazz. His two latest singles (D.R.U.G.S and Pink Beetle) are representative of his work. While the first one brings directly under the west American’s sun, the other is deeper and darker, letting us imagine a cold and gangrene Dublin. We are still oping for an album and we are looking out for a potential date of release…

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